utility raftmap
utility raftmap

elevate artists and collectors, collectively.

For now, I am committed to creating 6 editions in total. 
that’s a collection of six tickets and lots of bonuses.


Ticketholders get access to a private Here and Now server, with updates, clues, early access and airdrops.


edition 2
edition 3
edition 4
edition 5
edition 6

Each ticket will be created by an unbelievable artist who brings value to your collection. imagine a world where you have all the Here and Now tickets, and what value that would hold. Owning past edition tickets will create rarer future tickets. Hodling a ticket from past editions also enables bonuses:

* Unlockable content inside Here and Now experiences. 
* Airdrops

* First access to drops
* Access to private discord

Edition 1 was the genesis of the project but it wont affect your ticket rarity if you don’t own it.
The Shvemblr ticket will be the one that everything moving forward is based on. Owners of edition 1 will be granted some special bonuses though. 

immersive art experience

The immersive experience is the beating heart of this project. Your ticket is not just a piece of art, it’s a memory of the experience, a connection to this moment, here and now, and that alone is worth a pot of gold.
Delivering meaningful art experiences is and always will be the priority.   


A modern theme for the film industry & video production