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THE GENESIS OF THE WHOLE CONCEPT. An experiment that grew.
30th May, 2021

A free ticket was issued on HEN to watch a live documentary titled Here and Now: Edition 1 “Pressure”. An experimentation to see if an NFT audience would be interested in a live experience that would be minted after. The concept was straight forward. Create an experience that can only be witnessed LIVE, and for an audience to create a memory and attachment to that art piece, and to then offer that as collectable.

The project would take a huge turn for Edition Two. 

Only available now on secondary


A film experience shot, edited, and composed in real-time. Created live on the 30th May, 2021 from 6.05pm – 6.15pm (UTC). Shot live by award-winning photographers around the world in Chile, Kazakhstan, Germany, Canada, USA, and Scotland. Directed and edited live by pioneering live filmmaker Michael Beets and live composed by Domino. Shot on mobile phones; each creative was given the theme ‘Pressure’ to interpret in their footage (uncompressed render available). This is part of an ongoing series where each edition will aim to push and experiment live digital experiences, on H=N. Each sold NFT will go directly into paying the artists and delivering the next edition.


A modern theme for the film industry & video production